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What are the different types of communication systems?

There is one of two methods that are employed by devices in a communication system. The devices can either be wired or wireless.  Examples of different types of equipment that employ wireless communication system would be portable radios, mobile radios, base or fixed station radios, and repeaters  as well as various types of accessories like […]

An introduction to data communications

With the new age technology of data transmissions through a network, not only have the standard operating procedures of a business in general  been affected, our very lives as we know it seems to have been transformed as well.  The standard operating procedure of an underlying decision support system of a business which complements business […]

What are network policies?

Within network policies are sets of conditions, constraints, and settings that grant permission to designated individuals who have the rights and privileges and hence authorization of connecting to the network provided the circumstances are favourable. When Network Access Protection NAP for short is deployed, health policy is integrated with the network policy configuration so that […]

What is a simple network management protocol (SNMP)?

Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP for short is a standard protocol for the Internet to manage devices on IP networks. Routers, switches, servers, workstations, printers, modem racks, etc. are examples of devices that typically support SNMP. Network management systems use SNMP frequently to monitor devices attached to the network for troubleshooting purposes. SNMP is a […]

What is a virtual private network (VPN)?

A virtual private network VPN for short is a type of network that makes use of an infrastructure of public telecommunication, the Internet for example, thereby enabling users with secure access or connection to the network of their organizations from a remote location. A contrast with virtual private network would be owned or leased lines […]

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a set of similar programs, situated at a network gateway server, the purpose of which is provide protection to the private network and its resources in particular from intrusion from other networks. By firewall it is implied that the security policy associated with the programs is what is being referred to. An […]


In the modern era of information communication technology, a website with a consistent look and feel is an important means of communication. A Google web designer is an high level application that allow designing and building of HTML5 web content using integrated visual and code interface. Google web designer’s code allow the designer to create […]

What is proxy?

In relation to computer networks, a proxy server is a server, a computer system or an application that assumes the role of a via media in terms of requests from clients who seek resources from another single or multiple servers. A client for example could connect to the proxy server, with a request of service, […]

What is secure HTTP?

Secure HTTP is an extension of HTTP protocol with the support of which data security over the World Wide Web is guaranteed. It’s not that S-HTTP is supported by all web browsers and servers. The alternative is another technology which transmits secure communications over the World Wide Web namely secure sockets layer SSL for short […]

What is pretty good privacy (PGP)?

Pretty Good Privacy PGP for short is a well known program for encrypting and decrypting e-mail over the Internet. It is possible to encrypt digital signature prior to sending thereby letting the receiver validate the identity of the sender and be aware that the message is intact in transit. PGP is available as freeware as […]